Social Responsibility & Accountability for the Enterprise

social_accountabilityBRS provides a competent and impartial mean for organizations to demonstrate consumer-centric focus and in compliance with legal, ethical or contractual set of expectations and / or business standards. BRS “Social Responsibility | Accountability, SR&A Governance” ISO/IEC 17021 accredited certification for the enterprise is based on benchmarking internationally acceptable protocols and applies as guidance such as Guide ISO 26000 and Social Accountability SA8000. These are internationally recognized and generally accepted compatible with others such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001... Through the global network of professionals we achieve internationally recognized and accredited certification to demonstrate competence through impartiality.

To achieve BRS SR&A certification an organization needs to objectively demonstrate its competence in carrying activities legal matters, regarding health, safety, the non use of child labor and forced labor, the rights of workers for their protection, remuneration, working conditions, work hours and other expectations. We first focus on that the basic and fundamental expectations are in place (implemented) as required by law of point-of-origin and as determined by point-of-destination of goods. Afterward, the organization needs to demonstrate that updating is effective part of improving in regards to social performance and social needs.

BRS provides an effective mean for the enterprise to demonstrate their commitment and competence to most effective practices their ethical behavior with integrity.  


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