QHCS, a Healthcare System that we apply trough assessments to verify, attest and certify that health care and caring to specific communities is in adherence to laws and regulations benchmarking the better care of a given community of patients or persons under care. These communities includes clinics, hospital, dialysis, rehabilitation, and caring facilities within healthcare providers. BRS accredited based-certification focuses in helping organizations manage and control risks that relate to healthcare and caring services. As a third-party service provider, we carry independence, impartiality and objectiveness to carry assessment activities that includes validation, inspection, branding and certification.

Assessments include evaluation and investigative work to assure that patient care and caring services address matters of health care professionals proficiency, training, cultural understandings, nursing homes care, demographics, quality measures, operational enhancement program and growth in care services.

Evaluation - Auditing assessment is to obtain information on the quality of health care and caring providers beginning with policies and follow through procedures in competence, as it is one of the most pressing issues in health and care policy in today’s market. QHCS is a method for measuring quality of care that overcomes the key limitations of available quality measures, while applying benchmarks to estimating the quality of hospital care and elderly care. QHCS follows the process approach combining information from activities that address policies, laws and regulations and includes:Assessor - Investigator, as relates to patients rights.

  • Leadership
  • Purchasing activities
  • Food (controls and safety)
  • Technical Structure
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Proficiency in Caring
  • Internal controls
  • Process enhancing and growth benefiting patients and individuals under care

LomaLindaH01-smallerThese address current and past quality indicators to value trends of the provider's quality level in advancing to certification. QHCS approach is available for health care and caring providers, an empirical basis helping in choosing among potential quality indicators. In particular, we care on patient mortality rates in quality of care. The pursuit is, once certification is achieved, that measurable parameters improve in adherence to laws and regulations to the purpose to protect a given community of patients, which is the purpose of the accreditation we been granted.

World regions operate under the licensing and authority from BRS Rim of the World Operations in Southern California USA with the technical support of proficient professionals.


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