The certification protocol aligns with current ISO/IEC 17021 to sustain accreditation and equally aligns with ISO/IEC 27006 and ISO/TS 22003, and ISO/IEC 17024 for the accreditation of BRS Professionals.

  • Process of certificationRequest Application, Questionnaire Form [Environmental... CFR, EMS ISO 14001, QMS ISO 9001, FSMS ISO 22000 - HACCP MS - HACCP HARPC MS, QMS MDD ISO 13485 (T1 - T2), QMS Healthcare, HACCP MS, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, OSHMS (ISO 45001. and regulatory based programs), Social Responsibility with Accountability SR&A]
  • Application Process - Once the Questionnaire Form (-001) is completed, BRS reviews the information and initially investigates the organizations and if the information and the results of the investigation are favorable BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific provides a Quote as to meet the needs of your organization. The possible assessment team members are identified.
  • By accepting the Quote and the “Term of Business Agreement, TBA” the organization selects BRS.
  • Together organization and BRS Asia Pacific selects the assessment - audit team members. The assessment team can respond to questions regarding the assessment - audit protocol and expectations of the management system assessment protocol.
  • Phase I Assessment - in compliance to current ISO/IEC 17021 for EMS, QMS, MDD, QMS HealthCare, FSMS, OSHMS, and ISMS respective reference TS 22003 and ISO/IEC 27006; these may require in-situ | onsite, when the assessment-audit includes a review and readiness of the organizations management system; the readiness to sustain the Phase II, which requires necessary information to plan the Phase II. Phase I is a adequacy verification of the management system. There is a time limit between Phase I and Phase II. Validation and Inspection are address byway of ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17020 respectively.
  • Phase II Assessment - Audit, in-situ | onsite, is an onsite assessment to attest to the effectiveness and appropriateness of the management system, which involves a full management system assessment and evidence of community and consumer protection, and upon successful completion of the assessment protocol the assessment team issues a recommendation for certification. From the Phase I, BRS exclusive assessment - audit professionals working in team with your organization need be uniquely qualified, competent and thus authorize to carry BRS activities (by exclusive BRS Professionals).
  • Recommendation Stage - The recommendation and documents demonstrating successful completion of the assessment protocol are sent to the Rim of the World Office for review by an impartial and competent body as to concur with the assessment team, BRS Quorum of the Regions. Upon successful completion we issue BRS accredited Certificate of Registration.
  • Phase III consist of onsite surveillance assessment - audits to assure that the management system is not only sustainable but that is kept up-to-date for the purpose to protect communities and consumers, thus leading through updates that are concurrent with the objectives of the organization and process performance improvements.
  • BRS does not offers or provides consulting services, and we do not provide training venues whether in-house or public nor we develop specifications for the purpose to provide consulting all through to certification and beyond. If your organization forcefully needs to certify contact us. If your organization requires consulting with certification from or if your organization merely seeks to pass the assessment-audit need not to apply, however as a courtesy we can gladly recommend other certification bodies. 

For verification of issued certifications, please visit other portals misuse of brand. Also, click as follows in the eventuality there is a complaints-dispute-appeals. As a USA based accredited certification body we abide and adhere to privacy of information whether organizations or individuals as to this reason we do not have information that is construe confidential in open public domain. To this effect we provide information on certifications upon request on a need to know basis. 


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