Learning Service Provider Management System

Learning Services Provider Management SystemTo achieve Learning Service Provider (LSPMS) certification based current ISO 29990 certification requires adherence to laws and applicable regulations for the protection of the specific community of consumers. Specific community of consumers are the individuals within a given non-formal education system.

In today’s free market economy, acquiring, capturing and applying knowledge is necessary toward individual and the enterprise success. LSPMS certification is a mean for the enterprise (small or large, private or public) to apply internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks, ISO 29990. LSPMS provides a core framework for optimum quality services, enhance operational and administrative effectiveness.

As LSPMS based is current ISO 29990 following the process approach to assess and attest education - knowledge sharing with aims in assuring the implementation of a high level quality programs, is equally applicable to the sole entity that provides educational - knowledge programs as it is for the internal organization’s training programs. Organizations may well be private of public sector. To this effect LSPMS objectively shows their commitment to delivering a quality program. 



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