Whether is food, toys, tourism, government or services, organizations carrying BRS accredited certification demonstrate that we validate the qualifications and competence in defense to and in respect of consumers worldwide. Accredited by a legally binding Charter for the protection of communities and consumers. Thorough BRS Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 organizations can demonstrate passionate quality, care and protection carryout to consumers. And this is why only organizations with this passion contact and endure the BRS accredited certification protocol. At BRS programs, laws and regulations, and alike RoHS and similar others in protection of society, environment... et al consumers are not an option when assessing ISO 9001.

    qualityNote: BRS is working to smooth and make transparent the transition to current revision of QMS ISO 9001 for client-organizations.

BRS ISO 9001 propitiates a basis to manage quality through best practices encompassing product safety at the points-of-sales. BRS QMS ISO 9001 will propitiate safe products, enhance business performance, achieve consistency, and create the fundamentals to propitiate continuous improvements.

We at BRS provide this level of confidence because of our enduring mission and values with a vision and a legally binding purpose, which provides the directive to added-value-assessments (AVA™) within a courteous, friendly, encompassing the integrity, impartiality and competence of accreditation carrying Multilateral Agreement. BRS offers validation with competence and impartiality within the Asia Pacific regions through a global network of resources, this is part of our network of exclusively certified professionals. And as a truly USA based certification body we carry accreditation.

QMS Medical Directives for Devices | Medical Devices ISO 13485 is the management system applicable to the manufacturers of medical devices. QMSMDD ISO 13485 2016 retains ISO 9001 2008 format structure. We mainly focus on services of ISO 13485 2016 for imports of medical devices and equipment, as one of the means to protect a respective community of consumers.


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