environmental_mixEnvironmental matters increasingly gain importance with episodes of contamination, collapse of infrastructures, atmospheric contamination, energy issue, and with this an evolution of the regulations. To make matters more challenging, the advent of renewable energy is a reality need. And equally consumers, shareholders, and stake-holders carry expectations and some demand from businesses and governments to carry environmental responsibility (as part of their mission and values). ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) serves to objectively demonstrate that the organization manages environmental matters effectively through BRS, as we place local laws and regulations at the forefront of assessments. This is part of significantly contributing to control and manage environmental aspects such as gaseous emissions, use of resources, management of waste, energy-efficiency, et al.

Making a environmental management system an asset to the objectives of your organization is one of BRS strength when conducting assessment - audits by focusing on our trademark adding-value-assessment (AVA™) approach reducing risk and raising competitiveness. BRS global network of exclusively certified assessment - auditors will provide benefits and validate your environmental management system with competence and impartiality whether EMS, EMAS or equivalent environmental management systems. This is why we participate in “Green Energy” Projects for Photovoltaic, Wind, Solar and other renewal energy construction projects.

    BRS provides EMS ISO 14001 accredited certification as well EU Environmental audit regulations (EEC 1836/93 - 761/2001 | EMAS) with the support of our European Division, both are voluntary and compatible with ASEAN and regulations across the Americas. As a truly USA based certification body we carry EMS and EMAS certification through the International Accreditation - Recognition Platform.

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