INTRODUCTION - “Acting Locally while thinking Globally”


While “acting locally and thinking globally” is a statement that many convey, few can actually operate at its core. Within what we do in BRS® it is at its core, it happens within Australasia - Asia Pacific region with support from the Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) California USA. This provides for consistency in delivering third party support contemporary with today’s risks, challenges and opportunities, as we deliver services at our core. We deliver services and solutions through a dignify purpose strengthened with mission, values and vision. This enable client-organizations across various supply chains onto next generation solutions, affordably and sustainable. At BRS we redefine relationships through tailor-made support helping client-organizations while protecting communities and consumers. This enable client-organizations across various supply chains onto next generation solutions, affordably and sustainable. At BRS we redefine relationships through solutions that help client-organizations in protecting communities and consumers while enhancing their operational performance.

Thereof, welcome to BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific, a USA consumer-centric accredited certification body operating with a structure that extends internationally, and which includes the Region of Australasia - Asia Pacific (BRS® AUSTRALASIA - ASEAN). Through exclusive professionals we uniquely provide inspections, assessments, investigations and evaluations for validations, inspection and certification programs. These programs encompass, among other chain-supply sectors, Food, Medical, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Security of Information, Energy, Social Accountability and Governance. BRS is accredited through a USA based public trust, governmental tripartite authority. And we understand the requirements of CBP C-TPAT, FDA CFR, USDA and other programs from USA and local Federal Agencies to help in your organization’s objectives. We provide a broad range of assessments based regulatory affair activities applying:

  • Food Safety Management FSMS ISO 22000 and HACCP MS HACCP HARPC MS (21 CFR 110 and 4 CFR 417, 21 CFR 117, FSMA),
  • Quality Management QMS ISO 9001,
  • Quality Management for Medical Devices, QMS MDD ISO 134985 for regulatory purpose (QSR, Non-EU),
  • QHCS, Quality Healthcare System to help meet regulatory requirements,
  • Security of Information ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 in adherence to regulations,
  • Security Management ISO/IEC 28000 in adherence to regulations,
  • Environmental Management EMS ISO 14001,
  • Occupational Safety - Health Regulatory based Management Systems to help meet regulatory objectives, applying ISO 45001,
  • Social Responsibility & Accountability (based applying Guidance ISO 26000), and
  • Other internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks 

BRS ASEAN region includes the Pacific Rim and Asia Pacific; Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and South Korea, further extending to Australasia HQ in Malaysia. Our accreditation and recognition programs are ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 27006, ISO/TS 22003 based, and for the qualification and proficiency of exclusive assessment team we carry ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.

Asia Pacific reach of BRS, Philippines, Malaysia, IndonesiaWe are the trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, businesses, governments and institutions - our experience in industry and government since 1984. We help client-organizations make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations, as through a dignify purpose. We provide an outstanding ambient for the BRS exclusively certified professionals to thrive with freedom that they cannot find nowhere else. At our core, we are a network of exclusively certified professionals who are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to client-organizations, and often, to globalized economies. Our accredited - recognized management, inspection and product mark programs strategy changes in 2009 as we restructure accreditation by combining local accreditation with complementary signatory with a USA Public Trust legally binding Charter for the protection of communities and consumers.

We have an unparalleled depth of both functional and industry knowledge as well as breadth across frontiers, which will take advantage with the current accreditation strategy. Our scope of activities and high level of competence allow us to provide adding-value-assessment with world class depth.

In adhering to anti-fraud, anti-corruption and antitrust laws, we are proud to hold the most retention of client-organizations worldwide because we earn their trust with unsurpassable care. We do this through our continuous search for best-in-class service through our exclusive professionals.

BRS is committed to ethical and integrity practices and methods in providing management system services, which includes validation, certification, inspection and branding. We are an accredited signatory third party for the purpose to protect communities and consumers. With continuing commitment to the Pacific Rim | Asia Pacific region we expand our presence in a manner that generates tangible and significant benefits to consumers, governments and most important client-organizations; download BRS Asia-Pacific document, based in Malaysia and New Zealand we service Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and other region’s nations.


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