As active participants within a legally binding accreditation charter to protect consumers, we provide inspections services. Through our assurance services we offers manufacturers, service providers, retailers, and importers services of inspection and product marking whether for shipment of to attest product performance, shipment, import or exports. Through BRS Asia Pacific, or from anywhere in the world to Asia Pacific, we can be instrumental support your supply chain. Our programs carry GOB accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, a Public Charity that is legally binding for the protection of communities and consumers from the Rim of the World Office in California

BRS Asia Pacific, second and third party worldwide inspection programs pursues the protection of stakeholders whether is a BRS client-organizations, government, communities and consumers to ensure protection through the supply chain. Onsite attestation and inspections are to determine that parts, services, activities are carryout and meet contractual agreement and legal obligations.

Through the BRS network, interactive laboratories, and technical expertise enable us to provide extensive coverage through Euro Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

BRS assessment professionals (auditors and inspectors) are competent to inspect, assess, validate, test and carryout regulatory affair practices extending a wide gamut of products and services. In carrying signatory and bearer of a legally binding charter to the protection of communities and consumers is a powerful distinctive as an inspection body in adherence and benchmarking ISO/IEC 17020. 

BRS inspections services encompass attestation, visual, specialty testing and examination to criterion that includes regulations and contractual requirements including:

  • Radiology,
  • Health,
  • Medical,
  • Food Safety,
  • Energy,
  • Environmental,
  • Safety,
  • Security,
  • Quality and Qualitative measurements,
  • Workmanship,
  • Fit, Form & Function,
  • Tone and Parity,
  • Safe Packaging,
  • Manifest and Shipping, and
  • Others requiring a high specialization


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