Safe Food HACCP 9 CFR 417Organizations and consumers are increasingly concerned regarding food safety, specially in the advent of concurrent news and challenges. One incident of food contamination, and suddenly it is recorded, edited, and instantly broadcast in many different languages. It feels like working under a global scrutiny every single day, and this is why a truly USA based international certification body that stays in synch with your organization’s ever changing needs in response to consumer expectation is essential to the objectives of your organization.

The advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) brings many options and benchmarks to the world including Hazard Analysis (21 CFR 110 and 120) and Risk-Based Preventive Controls (HARPC) 21 CFR 117. BRS professionals in Asia Pacific from Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand... based consumer-centric accreditation can bring applicable and valuable FSMA components.

    As a truly USA based legal entity BRS seeks to help in the Custom Border Patrol (CBP) Customs- Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), FDA, USDA and other regulatory requirements to benefit clients with consumer-centric sights while exercising due-care.

brs_haccp_bAt BRS we offer consumer protection based accredited HACCP MS, ISO 9001 (with reference to FSMA - HARPC) and ISO 22000 certification programs including “Food Defense” initiatives to demonstrate your organization competence in managing food quality as well as safe foods to shareholders, consumers and others. BRS is highly concern in protection of consumers as much as protecting client-organizations, this is why BRS has set the stage in advance programs such as “Food Defense” initiatives worldwide. BRS Asia Pacific is positioned to offer food safety and quality management systems solutions from primary to secondary sectors in accordance with internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks operating current revisions of ISO/IEC 17021 and TS 22003 programs. Equally, independent integrity accreditation adheres to international conventions.

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