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Welcome to BRS Philippines integral team member to BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific. BRS is a USA consumer-centric certification body. BRS specialty is to provide third-party activities that include certification, inspection, validation services: We do not provide other services including training or consulting activities.

BRS Philippines, Inc. operates through an team of exclusive professionals for third-party assessment-audit that includes certification services. BRS Philippines provides management system certification services align with client-organizations in ways that while acting locally we think globally. Being local allow us to focus locally within the Philippines with a global thinking. 

BRS Philippines

  • Independent - Impartial Certification Services
  • Integral part of BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific
  • Third - Party activities with a mission, values and vision to purpose
  • Integral part of BRS Management Services USA

Mission, Values and Vision for a Purpose

BRS carries an unparalleled depth of both functional and industry competence across frontiers. Our consumer-centric purpose is carryout through a common mission, values and a vision to help client-organizations improve performance in ways to benefit the marketplace. This is why we carry the highest client-organization retention rate in the industry. At hearth, we are a network of exclusive professionals who are passionate about helping organizations and governments in their challenges that makes a difference in protecting consumers and serving as a world benchmark.

    Our mission is "to provide courteous, friendly, and ethical "adding-value-assessment" accredited registrations, as we help client-organizations meet international benchmarks with integrity, while enhancing their administrative and operating practices."

    Our vision is to be the most favorable option to client-organizations
    in the protection of consumers (not to be the biggest issuer of certificates).

BRS certifications are designed, developed, implemented to carryout to eliminate barriers of efficiency, communication, speed, and performance with objectives in simplification. We promote simplification as quality (newest) frontier and legal signatory to protect consumers through unsurpassable impartiality. 

Our Values are represented by the colors of the BRS

  • Integrity in ethics
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Vigilance
  • Social Responsibility 

Primary Purpose - Protection of communities and consumers

Our assessment-auditing methods and techniques follow international convention in helping client-organizations manage risk, identify opportunities in adherence to laws and regulations as applicable to the nature of product and processes. Together with mission, values, vision to purpose contribute to client-organizations whether it is administration of a city or manufacturing we are ready when your organization is ready to advance.

Independence and Impartiality

The Philippines markets value our services for our integrity in ethics as we convey mission, values, vision to purpose. These are fundamentals necessary to overcome potential conflicts of interest as we provide third party certification, inspection and validation services in ways to maintain true impartiality based-independence and objectivity.

Our commitment to impartiality, with the support from BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific and BRS USA we routinely identify and analyze possibilities for conflict of interest arising from its relationships. As part of this analysis we consult with interested parties involved in the Philippines. Where threats of impartiality are identified we act to eliminate or minimize these. This analysis is reviewed by BRS Australasia - Asia Pacific and BRS USA trough local management reviews.

Contact us through BRS USA for additional information within the Philippines
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