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Through a free market “globalization” provides the basis for organizations to import, export and thus to compete across frontiers. The term “globalization” is a unification effort of culture, technology, economics, and political forces across frontiers. And all over the world exports and imports of products occur as these encompass a “global” supply chain in which our clients are key suppliers.

As a consumer-centric certification body BRS contributes through organization’s role in safe goods and foods through validation of management systems in accordance to recognizable and international standards. BRS certification, validation and inspection are third party assessments based on legal obligations, regulatory requirements and contractual agreement in pursue of protection of communities and consumers. BRS provides third party certification for; food safety (FSMS ISO 22000 and MS 1480 based HACCP MS or HARPC-HACCP (Preventive Controls) MS, environmental (EMS ISO 14001 to local regulations), social-responsibility-accountability (SR&A, design based social accountability applying as guidance ISO/IEC 26000), Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001 regulatory-based OS&H, security of information (ISMS ISO/IEC 27001) regulatory based, quality (QMS ISO 9001), and QMS MDD ISO 13485 (adhering to local regulations compatible with USA 21 CFR Part 820); we are about contributing in adding value to your organization through innovation and changes, such that value adding is available anytime and anywhere to benefit consumers and organizations, et al the supply chain. In summary BRS contributes to the supply chain for quality, environmental, health, safety and safe products through a legally binding Charter; as we assess organizations to give and test the meaning of our mission and values around the world, we are a truly USA based accredited Third-Party Assessment Certification Body extending throughout worldwide. english-chinese_other-terms02

BRS Pacific Rim region includes South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and extends to many other countries within the Asia Pacific region. With a dedicated competent and impartial certified network of exclusive professionals proven that they transcend globally and by acting locally, we can assess and help your organization remove uncertainty in carrying certification. Through accreditation, we provide confidence and competence in certification and thus contributing to your organization’s success. Visit our page for world regions.

  • To establish worldwide consistency in providing our services worldwide our network of exclusively certified professionals operate under ISO/IEC 17024 as a means to adhere to legal and regulatory requirements with the purpose to assure that our values mission and vision sustain our culture at the forefront of our activities worldwide.

We continuously strive to innovate, improve, and add-value, as client-organizations help us to face and shape changes.

BRS client-organizations can opt to obtain a serialized seal from the GlobalNet Certification Committee (GCC | GOB) specific seal by completion of the following:

  • Signing an agreement to the purpose of the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB), and
  • Since the GOB is a Public Trust, no forced fees may be collected, an annual donation is required - the donation can only be applied to sustain the purpose of the GOB.

The GCC unique seal, like the GOB seal, demonstrates your organization’s commitment to the protection of communities and consumers. To obtain your GCC seal of acting rightfully inquire through your certification body.

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